Math on the move cubed

We did it. We jammed our possessions into a six foot box and it’s off to Ohio a week before us.

Not only did we do it, we did it crazy fast.  We planned for two days to pack and  load the cube(s), expecting it to leave on Wednesday.  We had everything packed by Sunday.

Today, we rented a u-haul, filled that bad boy up, moved everything to ABF and then unloaded the u-haul and proceeded to fill our cube. We had every intention of using 2 cubes, but we only ended up needing one, which is a great feeling.  It probably helps that I am so good at throwing things away. 

possessions cubed moving mathonthemoveblog kent colorado ohio

So since it’s all done earlier than expected, it’ll arrive earlier than expected. Which I guess is a good thing. In the meantime we are camping on an air mattress, eating pizza and playing board games on the floor.

possessions cubed moving mathonthemoveblog kent colorado ohio

It’s a strange feeling seeing your worldly possessions fit into such a small space.  It’s a good reminder that 1. You don’t need a lot to live off and 2. things are just things.

Today’s stats:

1 busted pinky finger

1 split lip

3 bloody knuckles

1 sunburn

2 pairs of sore arms and legs

1 grateful wife that’s married to a mathematician who has the spatial intelligence of a Tetris master. Cube loader, PhD.

2 thoughts on “Cubed

  1. Haha that’s cool! Squeezed all into one cube, good job! It sort of reminded me of a Rubik’s cube – one organized solid cube, math, etc. Ready to unravel it in Ohio.

    Have a safe trip through the Plains and Midwest country.


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