Bielefeld Botanical Garden

bielefeld botanical gardens germany

Bielefeld’s Secret Garden

A great thing about living in a cold, wet, place is that when spring comes, everything blooms–especially at the botanical garden in Bielefeld.  Trees grow leaves and blossoms, flowers pop out of nowhere, and even people grow smiles.  Bielefeld’s Botanischer Garten is open year-round, but likes to show off during spring.  It’s a must-see when visiting Bielefeld.

Events in Bloom

The Botanical Gardens hosts events throughout the year, including plant trades, Qigong, worship services, and outdoor music concerts.  And like all public parks or museums in Bielefeld, there’s a Cafe on site with delicious cake.  What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors?

bielefeld botanical gardens germany travel flowers gardening

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