A Weekend in Rome

Allora, allora, allora!

We’re back from our trip to Italy, the first big adventure post-covid lockdown. Our vaccination passport was used more than our actual passports, and our travel wardrobe included the ever chic and fashionable FFP2 mask (it goes with everything!).

I’ll be writing about our trip in a few separate posts, since we visited other cities during our stay and I want to take you along to each one. Our first stop: Rome.

Living in History

We started our trip in a palazzo-turned-hotel in the heart of Rome, just a few blocks away from the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Our main goals for the trip: eat a ton of pasta, try coffee for the first time (gasp!), and visit some really old places.

There is so much to see in Rome that it would be impossible to see everything in one trip. Or ever. In fact, they’re still uncovering ancient ruins. So we tried not to be too disappointed if we missed something. Here’s the thing about Rome (and Florence too, but we’ll save that for next time 😊): The city is a living museum; historical and beautiful and so grandiose I felt tiny in comparison.

One of these things that mesmerized me from my history courses or art textbooks is the Pantheon. The building is the best preserved ancient structure, mainly because it has been in constant use since it was built in 31 BC. BC! I stood in a building that was built before Jesus was born. Mind. Blown.

After ogling at the Pantheon, we spent an afternoon at the Colosseum marveling at Roman ingenuity and giggling over ancient Roman graffiti. It’s just funny to think about some teen using a chisel to carve Tiberius was here into the stone seat of the stadium while warriors hunted lions in the pit.

City of Stone

Rome is beautiful and chaotic and overwhelming. Everywhere you look there is something from history, something you saw in a textbook, artwork, movie. On our first night, we just accidentally walked by the Trevi Fountain on our way to dinner. It was the first city we’ve visited where we actually ate the local food every meal, stuffing our guts with fresh Caprese, Tonnarelli alla Gricia, Pizza and Gelato. Even the grocery store wine was on another level!

The Rape of Persephone by Bernini, Galleria Borghese.

Trip Stats

  • Number of cities visited: 3
  • Kilometers walked: 102.46
  • Sights seen: 23 landmarks and museums
  • Books read: 2
  • Coffees: 8 cups, either Cappuccino or Espresso. (This is not a habit I will be starting, but when in Rome…)
  • Average weather: Hot and sunny. It’s Italy, afterall.

When in Rome

Rome is (literally) built upon layers of history, the timeline of civilization laid out in distinct symbols of progress: pillared temples, stone aqueducts, baroque fountains, romantic architecture. If I never visit a museum again, I still would have seen more art than the average person, art that shaped society, inspired science, and transformed religion.

Rome is mindblowing and moving and has you planning your next trip even before you leave.

Little kitty chilling in the ancient ruins-turned cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina.

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