A weekend in Vatican City

Blessed Pizza While in Rome, we spent time in and out of Vatican City, sometimes on accident just walking by, and sometimes very much on purpose. We visited the Basilica, sent postcards from the world’s smallest (and most efficient!) post office, and ate the best Pizza from a back-alley restaurant. The Vatican Museum On theContinue reading “A weekend in Vatican City”

A Weekend in Rome

Allora, allora, allora! We’re back from our trip to Italy, the first big adventure post-covid lockdown. Our vaccination passport was used more than our actual passports, and our travel wardrobe included the ever chic and fashionable FFP2 mask (it goes with everything!). I’ll be writing about our trip in a few separate posts, since weContinue reading “A Weekend in Rome”

A Weekend in Düsseldorf

About 2 hours west of Bielefeld, in the heart of Germany’s Ruhrgebiet, is the city of Düsseldorf. The city is an industrial powerhouse that sprawls the banks of the Rhine river and is the seat of North-Rhine Westphalia’s government. I spent the better part of the week in a suburb of the city, speaking EnglishContinue reading “A Weekend in Düsseldorf”

A Weekend in Hamburg

Hamburg from a Height A three hour train ride from Bielefeld is Hamburg, a port city located on the Elbe river. Hamburg has always had an international atmosphere due to its historic role as a major port between Europe, Scandinavia, and America. Now, it’s the hub of Germany’s media and the European headquarters for manyContinue reading “A Weekend in Hamburg”

This post is just mushroom pictures

In the parks, hidden beneath the undergrowth and seeping out of old stumps, are mushrooms (Pilz). These fungi grow anywhere soggy and muddy, and come in all sorts of shapes and colors. In fact, Germany is known for its mushrooms and consumes the most amount in Europe (2.9 kilos per person annually). There’s even aContinue reading “This post is just mushroom pictures”